Virtual Guy
Virtual Guy platform console
Official virtual goggle platform console
Developer Geoshea Gaming Company
Manufacturer Geoshea Gaming Company
Type Virtual goggles
Release date November 20, 1995 (1995-11-20)
Introductory price $24.00
Discontinued January 12, 1996
CPU Intel Pentuim
Storage capacity 9000 MB
Graphics 3D computer graphics
Controller input 1

Virtual Guy is a fictional 32-bit table-top video game console developed and manufactured by Geoshea Gaming Company. It was marketed as the first fictional portable video game console capable of displaying "true 3D computer graphics" out of the box. It was released on November 20, 1995 in Japan and November 24, 1995 in North America at a price of around $180 per day.

Virtual Guy was developed, manufactured, and designed by Little Guy, Geo Guy, and Green Bob at Geoshea Gaming Company. Little Guy tests out the product, so does Geo Guy, and it was a complete sucess. The product appears in the episode of The Geo Team, Virtual Lignen. Just like the Virtual Boy, the console was a failure, and stopped selling in stores on January 12, 1996.