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The Greeny Channel Retro logo 2013-Present

The Greeny Channel Retro is a TV channel which was launched in the summer of 2007.


The Greeny Channel was formerly airing the old episodes of their cartoons from 1988 to 2006, but later in July 2007, "Greeny Phatom" creator Robert Stainton, Gabriel Garcia, and Audel LaRoque needed to fill out every each episode of the shows on The Greeny Channel. Gabriel Garcia tells Robert Stainton that they could create a TV channel which they can air all of the older episodes of their cartoons from the 1980s through the 1990s. So they decided to make another TV Channel called  The Greeny Channel Retro where they air old episodes of their cartoons and black and white and color episodes of classic TV shows.


  • Beware, the Creeps
  • Wacky Movies of Daniel Gomez
  • Space Herrima
  • The Holy Adventures of Jesus Christ
  • Cuckooland
  • Dream Small
  • Snaily the Snail
  • DuckTales
  • Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
  • Goof Troop
  • Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears
  • Spongebob Squarepants (Season 1 only)
  • Aladdin (1994 only)
  • The Andy Griffith Show
  • Texas Wheelers
  • Cannon
  • The Millionaire
  • The Mary Tyler Moore Show
  • Catch Bob (TGT 1997-2004)
  • Geo's World (Season 1-5)
  • Greeny Phatom (Season 1-3)
  • The Geo Team (Season 1-4)
  • Various public domain cartoons


  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp
  • Aladdin