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The Greeny Anime Channel logo

Logo Used (ala FUNimation 1995-2005)in 2004-2013, which created by Presutable Woard


The new 2013-present logo.

The Greeny Channel Anime is a sister TV Channel of The Greeny Channel where it airs anime.

The channel is available as a subscription service of only $4.99

From 1995-1998, it was a block in The Greeny Adult Channel Saturday and Sunday from 11pm-4:30am. The channel became its own in 2005.

When Funimation channel was taken off in 2012, S Ecchi shared channel space with this channel everyday from 12am-6am. This part of the channel requires a password to tune in, because it is strictly for adults and is UNCUT, which is part of the reason that this whole channel costs $4.99 because of adult content. S Ecchi is owned by funimation, but airs anime not owned by funimation.

Anime broadcasted by The Greeny Channel Anime:

Dragon Ball Z Kai: TV-PG / TV-PG-LV

Sword art online: TV-14-LSV

Samural Champloo: Cut version: TV-14-DLSV

Clannad (Limited): TV-PG-DLS

Clannad After Story: TV-14-DL / TV-14-LV (One episode)

Kenichi: The mightiest desciple: TV-14-LSV / TV-PG-DLSV

Dragon Ball (Originally at S ecchi): TV-14-LSV / TV-MA

Yuru Yuri (Sub): TV-PG (Most episodes) / TV-PG-D (Some episodes) / TV-PG-L (Few episodes) / TV-PG-DS (Some episodes) / TV-14 (One episode).

Yuru Yuri Movie: TV-MA / TV-14-DS (Rerating)

Ghost in the shell season 2: TV-MA / TV-14

Sonic X (Uncut): TV-PG-DV / TV-PG-V / TV-PG

Attack on titan: TV-14-LV / TV-14-DLV (One episode)

Fairy Tail: TV-PG (May have D, L, S, or V subheading) / TV-14 (Plain, L in one episode)

Kotoura-San : TV-14-S / TV-PG-S

Blue Exorcist: TV-14 (With any subheading)

Air: TV-PG / TV-14-V

Naruto: Shippuden : TV-PG-LV / TV-14-LV

Inuyasha (Marathon only): One rating: TV-14-LV

Dimension W: TV-14-DLV

Baka and Test: TV-14-DLSV (Moved to S ecchi)

S Ecchi programmings (ALL UNCUT):

High School DXD: TV-MA-LSV

Samural Champloo Same ratings, including TV-MA-LS

Kiss X Sis: TV-MA-S

Elfen Lied: TV-MA-LSV

Haganai Season 1: TV-MA / TV-MA-S

Haganai Season 2: TV-MA-L / TV-MA / TV-14-DLS

Black Lagoon: TV-MA-LSV

Air Gear: TV-MA-LSV

Sekirei: TV-MA-LSV

Date a live: TV-MA-SV

Baka to test: TV-14-DLSV

Cowboy Bebop: TV-MA-S / TV-14-V

Anime Live Stream uncensored: TV-MA-LS

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The animation: TV-14 (Episode 8: TV-MA)

Seto no Hanayome: TV-14