The following is a transcript for the future episode of The Geo Team, Greeny Phatom is NOT Dead.

Act 1


(Fades to a desktop background)


Text: written and storyboarded by CAMERON MURPHY


Text: edited by C. ELBOURN

Text: executive producer ROBERT W. STAINTON

Text: produced by GEO G.

Text: directed by TERRY WARD

(Fades to black and into the Geo Team's house)

(Geo Guy is on his computer.)

Geo Guy: (thinking) I wonder what's on the Internet Explorer today.

(Geo Guy notices a Greeny Phatom rant from Adam Katz (aka AnimationEpic), the creator of the Inanimate Insanity franchise)

Geo Guy: (shocked) Wait a minute, I thought he liked Greeny Phatom. (jealous) Oh, nevermind. (neutral) I will watch the video instead.

(Geo Guy plays the video)

Adam Katz (The ranter in the video): Hey guys, i'm Adam Katz (aka AnimationEpic), creator of Inanimate Insanity. Today, I'm going to rant on Greeny Phatom, a terrible show I used to like. This show kinda sucks, because it's a huge rip-off of any television show, including Inanimate Insanity, my show that i've created. So, viewers, you must tell Robert W. Stainton not to make any more Greeny Phatom episodes, or else you'll be terminated from Youtube.

(Title card shows "7 Minutes and 30 Seconds Later")

Narrator: 7 minutes and 30 seconds later...

Adam Katz (The ranter in the video): So yeah, this is the only rant video i've just showed you. Thanks for watching, and subscribe to me for more Inanimate Insanity. This is Adam Katz, signing off.

Geo Guy: (furious in Scary Voice) I agree with him. Greeny Phatom is bad. That's it! I'm done with this ranging disengageing stupid crappy videos out of Little Guy! I'll hack Robert W. Stainton's account and get rid of all of those Greeny Phatom videos!

(Title card shows "2 Hours Later")

Narrator: 2 hours later...

Geo Guy: (cheering) Hooray! I've finally deleted the Greeny Phatom videos. I'll tell Little Guy and the rest of The Geo Team about it.

More coming soon!