• This was the first Geoshea film.
  • This was the first film to be based on Grand Theft Auto games.
  • Here's a list of characters that never appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Geoshea Edition:
    • The Advisor (Buzzy)
    • Gru
    • The Minions (not counting the one-eyed minions with combed hair)
    • Red Puckett
    • Bloo
    • Coraline Jones
    • Norman Babcock
  • In the teaser trailer of the film, when Stuart landed to the ground, he just saw the Super Mario clone police to arrest him. Buzzy then came here and says "Oh, you got to be kidding me." However, that scene was removed from the final version of the film.
  • This was Wayne Allwine's final voice performance as Mickey Mouse. Ten days after the film's release, Wayne Allwine died.
  • Spyro the Dragon was originally going to appear in this film and was going to be Stuart's partner and follow him, but Adam Katz told Gabriel Garcia that the idea was scrapped, so Spyro was replaced by Buzzy for multiple changes and reasons.
  • The first final theatrical release poster was ripped off from one of the posters of the G-rated family film, Babe: Pig in the City, a 1998 comedy-drama film which was another film made by Universal Studios, and the sequel to the 1995 film, Babe.