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Evil Woody
Evil Woody
Personal Information
Gender: Male
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Age: Unknown
Species: Toy Western Sheriff
Other Information
Alias(es): Woody
Location: Gree City
Friends: Gree Guy
Cookie Monster
Enemies: Geo Guy
Green Bob
Little Guy
Homer Simpson
Crash Bandicoot
Eric Cartman
The Once-ler
Coraline Jones
Margo Gru
Toon Link
Dave the Minion
Dick Grayson
First Appearance: "Evil Woody"
Last Appearance: Ongoing
Official Appearance(s): Toy Story (turned good)
Japanese Voice: Unknown
English Voice: Robert W. Stainton (evil)
Tom Hanks or Jim Hanks (good)

Evil Woody (simply known as Woody) is a villain who first appears in "Evil Woody (episode)". He is a bad version of Woody which he killed Buzz Lightyear, rob the bank and plans to kill The Geo Team. He is voiced by the Greeny Phatom creator Robert W. Stainton. On the official appearance of Disney/Pixar's Toy Story franchise, he's a very good toy, and he is voiced by Tom Hanks or Jim Hanks.


  • Here is a list of weapons that Evil Woody used:
    • A shotgun
    • A backpack of ammo and pistols
    • A chainsaw
    • A knife
    • A sniper
    • A rocket launcher
    • An AK-47
    • A katana
    • Grenades
    • Shrink Ray
    • Freeze Ray
    • Melt Ray