The following is a transcript of the 23rd episode, Dick Grayson.

Act 1


(Shows the title card with Dick Grayson's face)

(Zooms out to reveal Dick's whole body)

Dick Grayson: (looking at the camera) Hello there, Batman fans... and The Geo Team fans. You may know me from all Batman-related stuff. And my name is... Richard John Grayson, or you may call me... (shows the text "DICK GRAYSON" on the comic-book-like dialogue bubble) Dick Grayson.

(Fades to the title card artwork of Dick Grayson and Geo Guy)


Text: "Dick Grayson" Created by BOB KANE, BILL FINGER, and JERRY ROBINSON

Text: DIrected and Storyboard by GEO G.

(Fades to black)

(Fades to Geo Guy and Green Bob sitting on a bench at the park)

Green Bob: Did you hear about that kid who moved to Geoville High School in the middle of the school day?

(Geo Guy plays his Game Boy)

Geo Guy: (excited) I'VE FINISHED THE GA--

(Green Bob grabs the Game Boy off him)

Geo Guy: Hey!

Green Bob: (angry) You weren't paying attention! (neutral) Where was I? (normal) Oh, a kid from Gotham City arrived at school in the middle of the school day.

Geo Guy: I've seen him in my science class. He's Dick Grayson.

Green Bob: Dick Grayson? (giggles) What a name!

Geo Guy: (serious) Don't laugh, I'm serious. Dick is short for Richard.

Green Bob: Oh. So he's Richard Grayson. Was that right?

Geo Guy: Yep.

Green Bob: Since he arrived in the middle of the school day, I hope we get to see him in home room.

Geo Guy: I agree.

(Jason walks to them; Geo Guy continues playing on his Game Boy)

Jason: What are you talking about, Geo Guy and Green Bob? (excited) I've just seen a cool guy who just moved here this week. He said that he has worked with Batman before, he used to be a type of bird and his name is Brick Jayson... or something. I didn't hear it well because I was distracted by a loud monster truck.

Geo Guy: His name is Dick. Dick Grayson.

Green Bob: Richard wasn't never a bird. it's just that his superhero name was Robin.

Jason: That's weird. Superheroes never brag about being superheroes when they are in their normal forms because they keep it a secret.

Geo Guy: (neutral) Gee golly. Is it just me or is the tree (pointing at the fake tree) over there wasn't there before?

Green Bob: It's not just you.

(The big, fake tree turns away and Gree Guy and Memy9909's heads pop out of the hole)

Memy9909: (surprised) They've noticed us!

Gree Guy: Not really! From what I have gathered from them, the Geo Team have meet a internationally-famous superhero.

More coming soon!